Gain Business Driven Digital Leverage

No bullshit, pragmatic, drastic, challenging and rewarding.

Comedit drives its customers success by blending key business principles with effective digital opportunities making use of thorough methodologies.

  • Success building of your customers
    • The OUTSMART Success Framework®. Building a proposition irresistible to your target customers, outsmarts competitors and drives durable repetitive business growth. 
  • Business effectivity
    • The SLICER Digital Business Agility Framework® Get's you unstuck and lays the durable foundation for Business Driven Digital Leverage across the board of your organisation.
  • Clever Competence Building
    • Expert enhanced eLearning for Individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations through (in the making).


Based on more than 25 years of international business experience in a variety of industries Comedit focusses on three domains, Knowledge, Effectivity and Customer Success.


For SMB Solution or Serviceproviders

Outsmart Success


Overhaul your proposition and put a smart digital turbo to your sales!


The shortcut to your next 500K!.  Far less than half of the cost of an account manager while making results predictable and repetitive.

For digitally stuck SMB businesses

Slicer Digital

Business Agility®

A smart clear method to become a  digitally empowered business.


The framework to durable digital business agility.  A proven method to achieve agility, avoiding sub optimisation and securing knowledge.

For Entrepr., Indiv., Profess., Corp.

In progress

Being built as we speak to bring leverage to businesses.


The platform where business knowledge is enhanced, shared and  matched with worldwide field experts, to support your business succes.